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Having a Professional prepare your income tax return saves you time and money. Tax professionals are able to ensure that you claim the credits and deductions you are entitled to.

Let Us Prepare Your Taxes

Our knowledgeable tax specialist has over 20 years of experience. Our company strives to give our clients personalized service and all the advice and support they require.

Our tax specialist keeps himself informed about tax law changes thus ensuring you get the maximum refund owed to you.  He knows how the tax system works and uses the best tax strategies to develop a solid plan for reducing your income taxes.

We use  Visual Tax TM one of the best Professional Income Tax Preparation Commercial Software on the market today. This ensures the most accurate and thorough return possible, therefore meeting the highest standard of excellence our clients deserve.

Our Services:

Tax Preparation
offer accurate, timely and affordable preparation of various types of tax returns.  Our professional tax specialist,  conducts careful research and preparation. He's equipped to handle any tax situation, including personal returns, rental properties, estate/trust, and more. He’ll make sure that you get the maximum refund possible.  He provides you with tax support for every return he does for you.

Previous Years Tax Return Review
objective is to review any old tax returns for possible corrections of errors and/or omissions, prepare an accurate return, and make sure that you receive the credits from the different level of governments which are you are entitled to. Once we have completed an accurate copy of the said returns we will resubmit them as amendments. If any errors/omissions are found, there will be a 25% (of the total amount found) finders fee.

Pick Up & Delivery Service
If you are unable to come to our office, we’ll come to you. We will pick up your paperwork and then deliver your completed return.

We are registered E-filers, approved through Revenue Canada's strict security protocol. Therefore you can be rest assured that your personal information is kept secure and confidential. E-filing service is included at no extra charge.

Virtual Tax Shop
We also offer delivery of Income Tax Preparation Service through the Internet. The advantages of this new medium are many. Services can be delivered internationally via the Internet to all corners of the globe. Full service remains an option during the months between May and October.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost to prepare and file a Canadian personal income tax return virtually?
A: A basic tax return starts at $30.00. Please call or email to obtain a quote.
To make a payment send a cheque or money order to our mailing address or use the convenient PayPal button on our "Contact" page.

Q: How does work flow between us?
A: The client can scan and email documents, send them by fax or mail them to us.

Q: What happens after I email, fax or mail you my documents?
A: You will be contacted by telephone and through email for further instructions and or clarifications. You will be minutes away from completing the filing of your taxes. A PDF copy is forwarded by email with a hard copy to follow in the mail. Your tax return is electronically filed with CRA.

Prices for Personal Income Tax Return Services 

   Personal Income Tax Returns         Starting at: $30.00 (includes HST)
   Overdue Tax Returns

Starting at: $50.00

   CRA Tax Issues, Audits, Appeals


   Consulting Service

$30.00/half hour

   Pick Up & Delivery Service (Based on Travel Time & Gas)

$10.00 - $40.00


Included at no extra charge

Prices for Business (other) & Corporate Income Tax Return Services: Please Call Us To Arrange An Office Consultation


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