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Call today to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss how I can help your business achieve the leading edge!

Let Us Help You Start Your Business Enterprise

Our small business management specialist has an Honours Bachelor Degree in Economics & Law/Justice. In addition to his extensive training, he possesses a diverse work background  with over twenty years of experience in various aspects of business: business planning and development, funding applications, government forms, accounting, statistical analysis, business and tax law. 

He provides quality, Professional Business Consulting Services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Northern Ontario area at reasonable prices. He has the services to meet the needs of today's small and medium-sized businesses. He offers his clients solid advice on starting a small business. He has helped several business owners grow and improve their businesses. His wide range of expertise and years of experience means that he can draw on numerous sources to provide you with the best solutions to your problems.

He has many top-notch industry professionals and business relationships that he works with. He can draw on this accumulated knowledge and experience. This allows him to tackle almost any issue that a small business may need help with.

He also has extensive experience and special interest in Native Economic Development having started and implemented several social, small business, and community economic development programs and projects in Native communities.

          Business Consulting Services:

Business Plan Preparation
Let us help you. From initial concept to a polished document ready to take to the bank, we can guide you through the process and help prepare a business plan which will:

a) describe in great detail what you plan to do and how you will do it;
b) lay out all the financial documents including needs and uses of money; and
c) cover such vital topics as target market, competition and competitive advantage; marketing, operations, staffing, laws and rules and regulations, insurance, taxation, incorporation or sole proprietorship or co-op or partnership, banking ... everything you need to help you get funding and then start and run your successful venture.

Proposal and Grant Writing
If you must either a) write proposals to get contracts or b) write grant applications, we can work with you. We have years of experience working with government, corporations and foundations, so we know how they operate. Our success rate is very high in these areas.

Program and Project Management
have successfully and within budget operated numerous short and long term projects, from a national award-winning business, to work training programs with budgets of over a quarter million dollars. We can either show you how, or help you run yours.

Feasibility Studies
Want to start a business or take on a project? Not sure if you should? Working closely with you, we can help you look at and weigh all the factors before you say "go" or "no go", thus saving you time and money down the road. If the answer is "yes", then we can assist with the business plan or project planning. If the answer is "no", we can help you find alternatives.

Alternative Marketing
Most traditional advertising and marketing does not work anymore. Beat your competition! Learn why and how to use alternative marketing strategies which might not cost very much, but get you the results you want: more customers and more money.

My Approach

To deliver a high quality, affordable, customized solution that satisfies your business needs.

We offer the following:

  • A free-of-charge, initial consultation in order to discuss your business goals and objectives and decide on appropriate consulting services that meets your budget and time constraints
  • A written proposal describing our analysis of the situation, recommended plan-of -action and estimated fees
  • "On demand" and regular progress reports at each stage of the consulting process
  • Formal presentation of final results
  • A final written report


No Set Fees. Our fees will vary, depending on the scope and nature of the project. We charge by the size of the project and customer requirements, not by the day or hour.

We understand the financial constraints that businesses face, and our goal is to provide you with the maximum return. Therefore, we always take into consideration your budgetary needs and will work with you to come up with an affordable solution. No potential client is turned down!

All Inclusive Pricing. We prefer the all-inclusive approach: We will discuss your needs, and we agree upon one set fee for the work or project. A letter of agreement is then drawn up, stating what you want, what we'll do and by when, and the payment process and final cost. No surprises for you or us at billing time.


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